Order COVID-19 Case

October 21, 2020

№ 390 / 20.10.2020



Comply with the following algorithm when investigating a COVID-19 Case


1. Students showing symptoms of COVID-19, or positive to PCR-tesing, should inform their Course Leader via email or telephone.
      1st year - Assoc. Prof. Maria Dencheva, 0889 317 316,
      2nd year - Dr. Dimitrios Rallis, 0896 944 570,
      3rd year - Dr. Denislav Emilov, 0898 462 093,
      4th year - Assoc. Prof. Zornitsa Mihailova, 0882 492 209,
      5th year - Assoc. Prof. Natalia Gateva, 0888 233 848,
      6th year - Assoc. Prof. Vladimir Petrunov, 0888 609 784,

2. The Course Leader shall keep a register of the sick students including the following data: their three names, faculty number, course, group, telephone, e-mail, the date of notification.

3. Course Leader, accordingly, shall promptly inform the Vice Dean of Clinical Affairs  - Prof. Dr. Laura Andreeva-Gurgurieva, MD, 0888 421 623.

4. Students who have been in contact with infectees, shall continue their studies through distance education for a period of 7 days from the date of notification.

5. The teacher of a group with a confirmed COVID-19 case, shall continue to perform their official duties, provided they have no symptoms of COVID-19 and have complied with all anti-epidemic measures.

6. Teachers and staff with clinical symptoms and / or a positive test for COVID-19 shall notify the Head of the Department and Vice Dean of Clinical Affairs  - Prof. Dr. Laura Andreeva - Gurgurieva, MD.

7. In case of a confirmed COVID-19 case via PCR-test - Valentin Petrov Petrov - Inspector of Work Health and Safety, shall notify all departments of the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Dental Medicine that the student group will continue their studies remotely.

8. Additional disinfection shall be provided for all cases of COVID-19.

9. The described measures are subject to changes according to instructions from the Regional Health Inspectorates (RHIs).

This order should be brought to the attention of all officials, members of the academic staff, employees of the administration, and students, for information and execution.

I assign the control on the implementation of the order to Prof. L. Andreeva - Vice Dean of Clinical Affairs, the Course Leaders and the Heads of Departments and Units.



D E A N:

Prof. Dr. B. Yordanov, PhD