Academic Year Opening Ceremony 2019/2020 – International Students

October 16, 2019

On Oct 14.2019, in auditorium No 1 at the Faculty of Dental Medicine, the Academic Year Opening Ceremony 2019/2020 for first-year International Students took place.
Prof. Dr. Bozhidar Yordanov, PhD - Vice Dean of International Cooperation and English Language Education, presented the official guests, starting with the Dean of the Faculty of Dental Medicine - Prof. Dr. Andon Filchev, Ph.D, DSc, and the Vice Deans - Prof. Dr. Krasimira Yaneva, PhD - Vice Dean of Academic Affairs, Prof. Dr. Maya Rashkova, PhD - Vice Dean of Research and Postgraduate education, Prof. Dr. Hristina Popova, PhD - Vice Dean of Clinical Affairs, as well as the Supervisor of first year students - Assoc. Prof. Mariana Dimova, Ph.D, DSc, and Dr. Dimitrios Rallis – Assistant Supervisor.
Many other faculty members, a representative of the Ministry of Finance, a representative of the Department of Language Education and Sport were also present at the ceremony and were introduced to the students.

For the Academic Year 2019/2020, a total of 131 English language students (59 women and 72 men) from a total of 20 countries were enrolled:
- 116 from the EU: Greece - 39, the United Kingdom - 30, Germany - 13, Cyprus - 7, Ireland - 6, Italy - 6, Norway - 6, the Netherlands - 3, Sweden - 3, Denmark - 2, Portugal - 1;
- 15 from non-EU countries: Turkey - 5, Syria - 2, Iran - 2, Canada - 1, Albania - 1, China - 1, Lebanon - 1, Pakistan - 1, Russian Federation - 1.

Of the enrolled students, 122 have successfully passed the entrance exam - a combined test in chemistry, biology, and English language, and 9 have taken a preparatory course in the Department for Language Education and Sport.



The newly admitted students were welcomed by the Dean of the Faculty of Dental Medicine - Prof. Dr. Andon Filchev, Ph.D, DSc.

For the highest score on the entrance exam, together with the student books, the Dean awarded Christina Kiriazi and Philip Daniel white coats.