Academic Year Opening Ceremony 2019/2020 – Bulgarian Students

September 10, 2019

On 09.09.2019, in auditorium No 1 at the Faculty of Dental Medicine, the Academic Year Opening Ceremony 2019/2020 for first-year Bulgarian students took place.

Prof. Dr. Krasimira Yaneva, PhD - Vice Dean of Academic Affairs, presented the official guests, starting with the Dean of the Faculty of Dental Medicine - Prof. Dr. Andon Filchev, Ph.D, DSc, and the Vice Deans - Prof. Dr. Maya Rashkova, PhD - Vice Dean of Research and Postgraduate education, Prof. Dr. Bozhidar Yordanov, PhD - Vice Dean of International Cooperation and English Language Education, Prof. Dr. Hristina Popova, PhD - Vice Dean of Clinical Affairs, as well as the Supervisor of the course - Assoc. Prof. Mariana Dimova, Ph.D, DSc, and Dr. Dimitrios Rallis – Assistant Supervisor Head of the course.
Many other faculty members were also present at the ceremony and were introduced to the students.
In her welcoming speech, Prof. Yaneva congratulated the freshmen on their high results on the entrance exams.
- 326 applied for dental medicine (223 women and 103 men);
- 120 students admitted by government order (70 women and 50 men);
- 16 students – on full pay education.

The newly admitted students were welcomed by the Dean of the Faculty of Dental Medicine - Prof. Dr. Andon Filchev, PhD, DSc.



For the highest score on the entrance exam, together with the student books, the Dean also handed over the first white coats to:

- Sylvia Asenova Hristova, with a score of 35.56
- Lyuben Dimitrov Dimitrov, with a score of 35.08